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Really sad confession: I turned on the TV, caught a random episode of JAG, the one where Mac's alcoholic father is dying. I was thinking she was looking particularly hot in her USMC Alpha dress uniform. OK, while that's sad, that's not much of a confession, not for me, anyway. People like burntcopper has commented I "have a type". It was more that when her long-lost mother tells her she's beautiful, "even in that uniform", I was mentally screaming "No, she's beautiful, *especially* in that uniform"!

Now, a while back I posted about Backstroke of the West, a web site with screen caps from a Chinese bootleg of Revenge of the Sith, with really bad Engrish subtitles. rjatsy got me a copy of Sith from China which she passed me last night. After a quick check, it's not the same version but it looks like it's going to be every bit as funny e.g. Obi-Wan "I see it, oh, this is going to be easy" comes out as "Oh, I come in sight of, this bottom liked to do to have another"! So, thanks very much indeed! I may be tempted to post some caps of choice moments so be warned...

And I have a request for a telephone interview with a US-based telecoms company. Received this evening at 6.39pm. Erm... hope this isn't indicative of their usual working patterns!
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