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Long catchup post, with big image:
Got an interview lined up with a telecoms research consultancy. Apparently, I'll have to do maths and psychometric tests! WTF?!?

Wednesday: went to the Farscape meet, bearing SG-A season 2 DVDs for tlanti. Oh, the shame: I have become a SG-A pusher...
Discovered Ally was a B7 fan. She and tlanti pretty much convinced me to go to the Beer and Blake's 7 meet on Friday but had to bail - dinner with rjatsy and her mother (i.e. my aunt).

The meet was a lot of fun. Very little actual discussion of Farscape but it was all pretty interesting and wide-ranging. Both [info]tlanti and Ally also expressed interest in English Civil War re-enactment next season. Slightly evil thought: if Ally does sign up, I won't be the sole element of ethnic diversity any more!

Spent Thursday morning down at Sunbury for a status meeting, mostly on the Wireless Broadband Strategy project but also bumped into the guy who organised the games workshop. He assured me my invoice was being paid and said they would be wanting more work done. That'd be nice. Even nicer would be getting paid...

Then had to meet a couple of guys from a tech consultancy who I'm supposed to be working with on the wireless broadband project. I say "supposed" because, quite frankly, their output has been underwhelming. Anyway, they were coming from Hendon, I was coming from Sunbury so one of them suggested we meet at a Heathrow hotel. "How about the Radisson?" I suggested...

Anyway, it's as posh as ever, there's a cash machine in the lobby, albeit a fee-charging one, and there does appear to be a Wi-Fi coverage but it's locked. Wonder how exorbitant the cost will be.

Just as I pulled up at home, got a call from Phil wanting to talk about organisational values for a book he's writing. Ended up discussing the statement of values from our days at Renaissance. I know it's fashionable to mock them these days but these were a set that made sense to us and seemed to be followed (until we got bought over, anyway...). Since I said I'd get him a scan (I nicked the plaque when we moved offices...), here it is. Pretty much sums up why Renaissance was my favourite place to work.
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Fencing: Well, more like post-fencing. I think I need to get some new interests.
Exhibit 1: Jo was curious about the wallpaper on my phone. "It's Dana Delany", Kate said. "From China Beach", I said. "Ah yes", Jo said. "You've heard of it?" "Yes. From the two of you. Just the two of you."
Exhibit 2: It was observed that we seem to have got into the habit of, whichever one of us leaves the pub first, going through Parliamentary battle cries "No Bishops!" 'No Popery!', "England's Freedom!" 'Soldier's rights!' etc although Kate's apparently not so keen on "Who is your King?" 'King Jesus!'...

Just watched last ever episode of JAG. Wow. 10 years. It was never brilliant but it was always a pretty good way to pass the time and certainly less painful than, say, season 9 X-Files! Particularly fun identifying which films they'd nicked all the stock footage from. Wonder if anyone's catalogued how many times Top Gun was tapped...
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