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Odd Fraggle Rock question

Does anyone know what a "Red Fraggle Day" might be?

Context: I mentioned at fencing a friend had charged me a while back with checking for Fraggle Rock downloads. Kate then made some odd comment about having "Red Fraggle Days". I did query this but she said "You'll just have to look for those downloads, won't you?" GODDAMMIT!

Another odd comment. She mentioned the BBC bar used to be really nice but was now hideous, like an airport departure lounge. "Er... so why did you say last Sunday I had to come down there for a drink one evening?"

Other thing of note: While fencing Jo, general concensus amongst all watching was that one of my hits clearly caused way too much pain to not result in a light. Yep, turned out there was an intermittent connection fault on the spool at my end...
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