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Careful what you wish for...

Well, after deciding I was feeling much better (although still under house arrest as I'm still infectious) and that there is only so much Babylon 5 and Space: Above And Beyond even I can watch, I volunteered to start doing some work from home. This was much appreciated by colleagues as I'm really the only true games and technology geek on the team. However, I think I already regret this there appears to have been some sort of communications breakdown on the client side which means a potential crunch next week to try to fill gaps.

More worryingly, personally, is this realisation that even just a few weeks of working on contract has instilled in me a rather mercernary "time is money" perspective. Not entirely happy about that and I think I need to get myself back into full-time work ASAP...

On the EoD prep front, I did manage to get a t-shirt for my XSE outfit dyed up, now I just need to find a halfway decent sized paintbrush in the house...

Oh and was amused to find myself booking 11 (!) tickets for X-Men 2 for the Thursday night at Blackpool.
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